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Adopting a Zero Waste Shaving Routine

August 16, 2020
Safety razor on a towel
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How to have a Zero Waste Shaving Regimen

Picture your regular bathroom and grooming routines. There’s bottles of shampoo, aluminum cans of foaming shaving cream, and plastic containers of various lotions. Plus, countless other products with packaging that is non-recyclable, impossible to clean out, or easy to overlook. I’ve found that a zero waste shaving routine can be a great remedy to how we sometimes don’t “see” the waste we produce.

Zero waste is a movement aiming to reduce the waste that cannot be reused in our lives. It is never about achieving some ideal of purity or perfection but rather seeks to raise awareness and educate people about waste, consumption, and how unsustainable current practices are. Much like principles like veganism, it is about minimizing the harm done to the environment and our landfills’ accumulation of garbage.

Zero waste living ideally is a gradual lifestyle change where you make small swaps and changes. I’ve noticed that many people focus and even stop at the kitchen. It is the kitchen where, arguably, most of the household waste originates. However, the bathroom can be just as good a place to start with when starting to “go zero waste.” I myself was intimidated with the idea of switching to a safety razor but once making that switch, it has snowballed into other items in my bathroom.

So here’s an easy to follow how-to for getting started in zero waste shaving!

Also, check out another zero waste bathroom essential I wrote about here!

First, the safety razor

When I told a friend I had purchased a safety razor, they had made a face and said, “You mean the ones that cut people up? Didn’t you see those old shows where the teenage boys cut their faces?” I was immediately terrified. I felt as if I had wasted my money on an impulse that my hippie side fooled me into thinking was a good idea.  I decided to try it once and if it cut me, maybe I could be sneaky and return it. I even watched YouTube videos of women using their safety razor to build up my confidence!

To make the story shorter, it was fine and I loved the close, smooth shave. Turns out, it is just a razor, and like any sharp objects, you need to be careful.

What makes the razor nice for women is the single blade- hair is much less likely to get tangled in it. I also love saving money. No more plastic razors I have to buy regularly. I now buy blades that cost pennies.

Here are several razors to check out on Amazon.

Let’s stop throwing away those shaving gels and creams

Quick question, when was the last time you ever recycled a shaving lubricant? Whether they foam, or are gels or creams, they are wasteful. That is why I was very eager to find something else. I didn’t know shaving lubricants can come in the form of soap bars. I was hooked!

Shaving soaps with a safety razor

I even started making them myself and currently sell them in my shop.


Convenient Accessories for Traveling

Razor Covers

One thing I noticed early with my zero waste shaving tools was that they weren’t very travel-ready. A safety razor loose in my travel bag isn’t exactly ideal. I was afraid I’d cut myself reaching in, it would somehow damage something else, or it would dull the blades. I looked for a cover but found they were all made of leather. I’m vegan so it wasn’t an option.

So I made a cheaper, eco-friendly alternative with bamboo felt. They have been a hit! Like me, people love being more prepared for their trips and vacations.

Safety razor with cover

You can find these in different colors at my shop!

Travel-size Shaving Soap

Only one thing left in my travel-ready zero waste shaving toolbox. I used to love buying those mini-versions of bathroom essentials for my traveling: the tiny toothbrushes, toothpaste, and shampoos. They were so convenient. We don’t have to lose all that convenience in making more eco-friendly choices!

Zero waste shaving razor and travel soaps

I introduced travel-size versions of my loved shaving soaps in my shop too!

No excuses now!


Zero waste shaving isn’t hard to achieve! Or expensive!

It’s in fact a frugal option that cuts out the wasteful packaging of shaving gels and plastic razors! A safety razor should be used with care and isn’t anything to be afraid of. Shaving soap is just as moisturizing and satisfying as the shaving creams I used to buy. And you can be prepared for any travel arrangements with mini-shaving soaps and a protective razor cover.

Small steps can make a huge difference, and hopefully, this article helps you make another step in your own sustainable journey.


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