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Caring for Unpaper Towels and Reusable Cotton Rounds

May 3, 2020
Caring for unpaper towels isn't hard. Pictured is a beautiful white kitchen.
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Many people worry caring for unpaper towels or reusable cotton rounds is complicated or easy to mess up. I found that it’s a little hard to find reliable, straightforward information on how to do it. So I’m here to give you the easiest to follow instructions that you’ll probably only need to read once before you feel confident!

And to let new readers know, I’ve also written other posts about unpaper towels. Such as why you’d ditch paper towels in the first place and how many towels you may want to buy. Check them out!

Caring for Reusable Paper Towels Are Worth It

Unpaper Towels and cotton rounds will shock you with how much more absorbent and softer they get with every wash. The increased quality with use is one of the neat things about them. So if you are less than impressed when you first get them, you may want to withhold judgment until one or two washes.

Do This Before First Wash

I suggest you give them a quick wash once you get your unpaper towels or cotton rounds. If they are dark colors, you may need to wash them alone the first time- just in case of any colorfast issues. However, you could check with the shop you bought them. They may have already pre-washed them for you.

Before Washing Your Washable Cotton Rounds and Towels

If you were wiping up particularly gross, sticky, or oily messes, you might want to rinse with hot water before putting them in the washing machine.

How to Wash

If your towels have any snaps, be sure to unsnap them. The best advice is to wash them with like colors- whether clothes or other towels. Wash on average or gentle with any mild soaps or detergents. I’d suggest cold to warm water temperature.

If you want to be extra careful in caring for unpaper towels and cotton rounds, you could wash them in mesh bags. Mesh bags are incredibly helpful for towel sets with velcro and cotton rounds!

How to dry

You are OK to dry in the dryer. Medium heat or tumble dry is probably best. Quality towels and rounds can withstand some wear and heat. You can leave out to air dry as well.

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know?

Allot for slight shrinking in your first washes. You can also iron them on medium heat to smooth out wrinkles.

I hope this helps everyone needing care advice with these great zero-waste products. Take care of them, and they will last a long time! Think of all the plastic and paper you’re not throwing away now!

And to buy luxury cotton rounds and washable towels, check out my Summer Collection here. If you’re wondering if they’re right for you, hop over to my favorite jam-packed knowledge base on reusable paper towels here.

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