I created Eco Local so people can have beautiful zero-waste products.

Going zero waste is an admirable goal. There’s a lot to learn and items to swap.

You don’t want products you have to hide.

So often zero waste products come in the same color palettes of natural wood and beige. There’s nothing wrong with that but it may not be your style… or even worse, it clashes with your housing interior. And sometimes these products look a little… cheap.

You seek a touch of opulence to match your ethics (and home).

That’s why Eco Local was created. To give you more options in reaching your goals! Whether it is to achieve a fully zero waste home or to simply save money, Eco Local’s collections are about making zero waste luxurious.

I design and craft with YOU in mind.


I value intentional living just as much as I love beautiful things.

I hope I share this with you so that you too can express yourself AND live your values.